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Forever Young- 1D if you don't know who that is... well then you don't need to know! Had a great weekend with Laura! Spent the whole day watching videos with funny/terrible dancing! (Sprinkler, Pat the Dog Screw the Lightbulb, Which Way Am I Going, Stop the Traffic let em through, 1 2 3  flick!, the random dance) Dont know these... then you really don't need to! hahaha I am soooo terrible!! But anyway... I said wouldn't it be great if this song came on the radio, my mom said it would never come on... two seconds later the announcer on the radio said in 15 1D will be playing the single WMYB (Don't know what that means? GOOD!!!) and then I had to go into this house to sell chocoalate and my friend Laura said I bet the minute you get out of your car the song will come on and it did! I missed the beginning verse and the second verse and part of the bridge :(     Sad Day!!! But not looking forward to our Choir Recital tommorow might just cry! I have to work too! Then after that I have to go to dance class! I will probably pass out from exhaustion!
  • Mood: Pissed Off
  • Listening to: Tell Me A Lie- 1D (haha)
  • Reading: Roswell High (the Seeker)
  • Watching: Smash
  • Playing: 1D videos
  • Eating: Gum
  • Drinking: Nothing
LoveNeverDies980 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012
Do you know who I am talking about?
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March 4, 2012


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